Dairy Farm
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Jordan Bannister, Educator

An experienced educator with a background in anthropology and training at Museums across the East Coast, Jordan is a passionate teacher who brings years of experience to the team. Jordan is a canner, gardener and amateur chef who also runs the Pendleton Historic Foundation (in her "spare" time). 


Zach Sahms, Museum Site Coordinator

Zach has a passion for teaching children through hands-on, tactile learning.  Zach is a Pendleton native and experienced educator who enjoys creating new and unique ways for children to learn about the growing world.  From mushrooms to modern machinery, Zach seeks to educate and inspire.

Image by Kristijan Arsov

Les McCall, Executive Director

An Oconee County native with a passion for agriculture, Les has been with the Museum since the beginning. His goal is to help provide a space for youth and adults to learn more about farming culture and modern farming techniques, through a lens of history.